mosquito control company in Perry

Are Mosquito Repellant Coils Effective

Personal care and protection from mosquitoes are paramount. You might apply mosquito repellant creams, sprays, or use coils to do away with these pesky pests. However, in case of over-population, you must contact a mosquito control company in Perry for proper treatment.

Most domestic repellant products are either temporary or do not work. In this article, let us examine the effectiveness of mosquito coils.

What Are Mosquito Coils

Mosquito coils are spiral-shaped products. They are incense-based, and when burnt, they emit fumes and odor known for keeping mosquitoes at bay. Most mosquito coils are made of some pyrethrin content. However, some oils also use the oil of citronella as the primary active ingredient.

mosquito control company in Perry

Are Mosquito Coils Effective

Mosquito coils will surely make mosquitoes stay at bay while they are burning. The odor and the smoke are very dangerous and irritating to mosquitoes. However, as soon as the coil stops burning, you will witness a return of the pests.

The smoke itself has some cons. The burning pyrethrin is life-threatening to cats. This chemical is not too healthy for humans either. If you inhale two or three coils’ worth of the chemical, you will start feeling nauseous and dizzy.

Another problem with mosquito coils is their inability in the windy season. If you’re using them in the night, it might get blown off by winds, making them absolutely ineffective. Moreover, the chemical composition of coils is low enough for mosquitoes to develop resistance in only a few weeks of use.

Final Words

Mosquito coils are the most effective DIY repellant tools people prefer using at home. However, you have to be careful about not using it when cats are around. Moreover, coils become utterly useless as soon as they stop burning.

Coils are alright to use for a small mosquito population for a limited period. However, as soon as the population increases, you must get professional mosquito control treatments.